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our Nike Air Max, our football team

As an energetic boy, I like sports very much. Since I can run, I have played football in house garden with my father. I heard the affairs about my childhood from my parents. It seems that there is some kind of sports gene in my body. I remember that when I attended to primary school till senior middle school, I played football with my classmates after class. At that time, my dream was to be a football player. So many years have passed away, now I have graduated from college and to be a policeman in my hometown. However, I never forget my dream about being a football player


When I was a little boy before 6 years old, my father was the only parter that played football with me. Then I attended to school when I passed the sixth birthday. I made a lot of boy friends in the primary school. Since then, we always played football together, and my father became our referee. In our most spare time, after finishing homework, we played football in the school playground. The shoes we wore in playing football games nearly were canvas shoes, which were wearing easily. I was often blamed by my mom due to the dirty and tattered shoes. Although be blamed at so many times, I still played football as soon as I have time.

air max 1

I have wore out a lot of canvas shoes, but you know, these are very ordinary and cheap. Even though air max 1 became popular in many young people, I did not have a pair of Nike. When I was a middle school student, I kept playing football with my friends. We started to payed attention to the football super stars and the cheap air max 1 in their feet. At the first summer in my middle school, I attended the school football team. My parents gave me a pair of Nike Air Max as a present. This is the first pair of NIKE in my life. I like the trademark of NIKE very much. It symbolizes the wings of Greek Goddess of Victory.

Afterwards, I played football with my Nike Air Max. That shoes were confortable, as well as had beautiful shape. Gradually, more and more boys of our team put on Nike Air Max. At last, every number had a pair of Nike Air Max, and some boys had several pairs. We call our team as Nike Air Max team. At many football matches, we won more and more matches. We considered that our seccess live without Nike Air Max.

Now I often play football with my colleagues. I always tell them the story about our football Nike Air Max team. I will never forget our Nike Air Max and our football team. The wonderfull memory will company with me forever.